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Firm Origin: Seven Reasons to Use a B2B Marketplace Directory

Why are B2B marketplace directories an increasingly popular choice for business owners who are looking for consulting help?

Well, for one, today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of e-commerce is worth over $12 trillion per year globally....

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Firm Origin: Five Important Tips on Finding a Consultant for Your Startup

When you're launching your business or product and first getting into the market, don't do it alone!

New businesses are much more likely to be vulnerable to a misstep than an established business. Hiring a consultant can help you avoid...

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Firm Origin: How Can I Verify a Lawyer?

Looking for a lawyer?

When you need professional legal advice, you must be very careful in whom you choose because a lot is riding on the outcome of your consultation or case. You could spend...

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Firm Origin: What are the Types of Professional Networks?

You know professional networking is vital to your business, but how can you make the time for this important task?

Finding likeminded professionals and setting up meetings with them takes away from your other business goals. Firm Origin can help. We’ve developed a unique...

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Firm Origin: Disrupting the relationship-led business network with technology

What is Firm Origin?

Technology has proven to be a disruptor in many industries, but professional services has inevitably curbed the potential to leverage technology. This void has brought us Firm...

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