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January 18, 2021

Categories: Management Consulting

Firm Origin: Disrupting the relationship-led business network with technology

What is Firm Origin?

Technology has proven to be a disruptor in many industries, but professional services has inevitably curbed the potential to leverage technology. This void has brought us Firm Origin, with the goal to help connect professional services firms with companies at need. Firm Origin is the niche for professional services that Yelp is for local businesses or HomeAdvisor is for home services. We want to help connect companies with accounting firms, management consulting firms, law firms, etc. as they encounter the need for each during their business lifecycle.

In addition to being able to connect companies and professional service providers, Firm Origin will also aid in accrediting each professional services firm for the services they currently provide in their portfolio. Today, qualifications request for a particular service is done manually by each company for each firm they are interested to further pursue, but Firm Origin will pre-review the qualifications so that each company does not have to manually do the checks for each firm with each Request for Proposal (RFP)/ contracting process. This accreditation process will highlight efficiency for both the company and the firms so that all parties can remain focused on the core of the transaction.

Firm Origin is the platform that benefits both the professional services firms and the companies looking for services.

Benefits to professional services firms:

Professional services firms invest a considerable amount of time and money on unproven advertising and marketing methods. Targeting audiences through generic e-mails, brochures, social media, and, conferences have an unproven track since it is based on a vague and wide-ranging interaction. Targeting potential opportunities through networking lunches, social activities, and various entertainment events can prove to be expensive with very little correlation to a strong relationship and business in the future. While these activities can never be fully eliminated in our business ecosystem, Firm Origin will aid in connecting companies with professional services firms at the right time and at their time of need, improving the return on each dollar spent for various business development and marketing activities.

In addition to being able to serve companies at their time of need, firms also get an opportunity to showcase their areas of strength on Firm Origin since the playing field for all providers are standardized. Hence, those who are accredited or potentially provide a very niche solution can be highlighted in the options provided to a potential client, when such niche searches are made by a company.

Benefits to companies:

For the company, Firm Origin provides a standardized platform for selecting and determining the best and most appropriate options available for each project/engagement. As a company, they can evaluate firms in a standardized and fair way against their competition based on criteria and preferences. This alleviates the manual effort to research potential firms from ground zero through hear-say, brand recognition, or through previous experience with firms.

Companies can now mix and match firms as they want to fit within their criteria with much more ease than having to manually drive that research process. In other words, a company looking for a large transformation can hire a large well-established consulting firm for their core technical need, but hire a boutique local firm for program management or change management. This allows the companies to look at viable solutions that fit their business need while tugging at various variables, such as rates or travel.

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