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August 14, 2021

Categories: Lawyers listings

Firm Origin: How Can I Verify a Lawyer?

Looking for a lawyer? When you need professional legal advice, you must be very careful in whom you choose because a lot is riding on the outcome of your consultation or case. You could spend hours searching for lawyers online, going through reviews, and scouring websites – or you can use an online directory that has done the work for you.

Firm Origin leverages a proprietary algorithm to help you find the right service provider. Our focus is on providing the professional service you need in the location you want. Read on to see how to put our lawyer listings to work for you.

Lawyer listings can help eliminate lawyer firms that do not offer the services you need.

When businesses contract out any type of service, they often send out a request for proposal (RFP). These RFPs are complicated and very specific in what they are looking for. This often means that a lot of time is spent working with each of these firms individually, going over the same questions and analyzing their responses. One of the basic questions is, “does your firm specialize in the type of law that our company needs?” such as real estate, labor law, mergers or tax, to name a few. Using the lawyers listings that are available from Firm Origin will simplify the process by only matching you with firms that can handle your request.

Checking credentials.

Another part of the RFP process involves determining the credentials of each legal firm. Having someone go through each lawyer at every firm that is a potential candidate during the hiring phase takes a lot of work. This process could include checking with various law associations to ensure that they have passed the bar and are qualified to practice in the area of law that you require. Each law firm also needs to have the proper qualifications. Lawyer listings can have all of this information available to you during the RFP stage to help narrow the search down. Basically, lawyer listings jumpstart the entire front end RFP work for you.

Finding a niche lawyer firm.

Your company may need different lawyers for different reasons. There are some large legal firms that can complete all of your core legal needs. They may cover 90 percent of your legal needs, from labor law to tax laws, but your company may still need a very niche legal firm for specific issues, such as zoning laws in your state or city. Although the larger firm may have someone that could complete this, finding a local law firm in your state or city that specializes in this area could be more beneficial. The local firm knows the area and may even know the right connections on council or building companies to get your request completed faster and with more efficiency. A lawyer listings platform could find specific lawyers to focus on the areas of law that match your business's needs.

Firm Origin has a database of lawyers to help your business find exactly what it needs. Using our lawyer listings service helps save the time and energy that is needed to research each law firm individually. We make connecting businesses to lawyers and firms an easy and efficient process so you can spend your time focusing on your business goals. Check out Firm Origin today and start browsing our legal firms for your next potential match