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August 8, 2021

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Firm Origin: What are the Types of Professional Networks?

You know professional networking is vital to your business, but how can you make the time for this important task? Finding likeminded professionals and setting up meetings with them takes away from your other business goals. Firm Origin can help. We’ve developed a unique matching platform that uses a proprietary algorithm so you can get in touch with other professionals in your area – fast.

Below, we will dive into the different kinds of networks your business can leverage to more efficiently achieve your networking goals.

The operational network

The operational network is defined exactly as it sounds. This is where you reach out to those in your internal organization and social circle. These relationships serve your day-to-day needs at the more immediate level. Essentially, it’s the giving, taking on, and sharing of daily tasks and smaller-term goals. Because we leverage this professionals network so often, it’s important to maintain an awareness around keeping these relationships healthy in order for them to continue to function optimally.

The personal network

Personal networking takes our vision outside the daily hum of the internal organization and can effectively open up greater perspective as well as all types of opportunities. We often think of this network as our social outlet, but it holds powerful potential for professional development as well – if leveraged properly. Not only is the personal network great for referrals, but it can also help you build a larger networking community. Although these are your social contacts, professionalism at all times is a must.

The strategic network

Speaking of building connections strategically, let’s introduce the third network type: the strategic network. This type of professional network combines the first two discussed above. It is comprised of the contacts that best serve your needs and goals and the people that are instrumental in driving your career forward. Since these individuals are so plugged into your industry, these contacts can help keep you ahead of the game with upcoming changes that may affect you and/or your organization. Of all three professional networks, the strategic network is the most time-consuming to stay on top of. Many professionals turn to an expert advising agency to assist and guide their strategic networking.

Firm Origin: Navigate professional networking with ease

Our community of professional service firms offers a full suite of talented agencies for every professional need under the sun. We have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and professional services. Finding the match for your business’s unique demands is what we do. If you have any questions about professional networking or any other professional service, from product management to tax consulting or IT strategies, we have the network of professionals that are needed waiting with your answers. Contact Firm Origin today to join our network and start matching with businesses that can help you reach your goals.